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I am still working on novel translating, but I've taken on another translation project for the moment, and I decided to post chapters together, SO...

in the meantime, it's time to catch up on scanning doodles from my GEOLOGY NOTEBOOK. I really, really ought to invest in unlined notebooks for next semester, since I spend more time drawing than writing in any of them.


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Oct. 27th, 2010 05:00 am
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I'll scan some stuff later, when I'm not so sleepyweird. And I still plan to post other computer-drawn pictures too... I'm not even going to pretend that this is anything other than a doodledump blog anymore (although ideally I want to dump other productive output here too, like translations or something)

Anyway, I've been getting pretty excited about NaNo, so have a dump of some spoilerfree drawings of some of the characters. This is a universe I've had around since freshman year of high school, and it was a comic then, so it's pretty natural I have a lot of pictures lying around. (Ironically, I've recently decided to make a plot-important cosmetic change to the character I arguably drew the most of, so I won't be posting pictures of her.) The project's been known as VW the whole time, but that doesn't really... mean anything anymore... so until I think of a better title, that is its CODENAME.

I will try to keep commentary to a minimum )

there are a lot of characters missing cause this is just whatever I had lying around sob. OH WELL. I love them all because I never bothered to be realistic and so they are all megalomaniacal and crazy.
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THIS HERE IS ANOTHER DOODLE POST, ON TWO SPECIFIC TOPICS. These were all done in Geology class and are not meant to be anything but sketching thoughts out so, here are my thoughts, they are not masterpieces



'kay, that's all I gots.
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well, 07g doodles/doodlecomics

cool kids link to lj galleries on dw. I'm probably just going to mostly abandon my inksome, hmmm.

I'd like to go back and scan some things that weren't fanart/were fanart of other things, but idk. ... mostly what is stopping me is "man, who uploads art on lj to share on dw."

IN OTHER NEWS... I never use dw but it bugs me that I don't have all my icon slots filled anymore. I don't have that many cute burupya plushie pictures, after all!! then I decided I would go make cats on that cat avatar site for the rest of them. so that is what I will do. this didn't deserve its own post so I tacked it on this one even though I haven't actually done it yet I HAVE MADE SO MANY CATS my posts are so interesting


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