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AS FORETOLD, I am attempting to translate Oshaka-sama mo Miteru: Beni ka Shiro ka (Buddha is Also Watching: Red or White?), the light novel spinoff to the main Maria-sama ga Miteru series, focusing on Yumi's brother Yuuki and his adventures at Hanadera Academy. If you've seen the Marimite anime then the Hanadera crew has made cameo appearances, but here Yuuki is the protagonist and it is All About Him Now. I chose this book for a variety of reasons; the first Marimite novel has already been fan-translated, I didn't want to arbitrarily jump to a random book in the middle of the series, and this starts at the beginning so anyone can read it without being invested in the series/being spoiled. Also it seems like mainstream Western shoujo-ai fandom hates everything with a penis, so I feel like the only person who might bother to do this, so THE PRESSURE IS OFF. (Though I only have the first book and apparently there are more. HM. Well, I'll decide what to do after if/when I ever finish this.)

also this part is short, but other parts are longer, so I'm still debating between posting entire chapters at once or breaking them up into these smaller parts, so... I've already wasted a lot of time transcribing it first and I think I might just skip that part. ps: let's see if crossposting works right.

TRANSLATOR'S NOTE: Genpei, Genji, and Heishi all refer to the Genpei War. Genji and Heishi are alternate readings of the names of the warring clans, Minamoto and Taira, who were symbolized by white and red flags respectively.

Beni ka Shiro ka 1-1 )


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