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2014-03-29 05:12 pm

Hatoful Boyfriend drama CD vol. 3 (Hatomame Sweet Blend) tracks 4-8

Haha this isn't really enough to be worth the wait but whatever! I had it mostly done for a while, but then got distracted by earning the privilege to translate some official Hatoful materials (yaaaay!) and then just distracted in general (y...aaayyy...) But with this the Legumentine's CD is all wrapped up!

I'm not disinterested in translating the Anghel world drama CD, but my attention has strayed to murder mysteries other things recently, so it's possible I might end up translating things from other fandoms before getting around to that. Basically it's more like "indefinitely postponed". don't wait up for meeee

Hatomame Sweet Blend:
Track 1
Track 2
Track 3

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2013-12-07 01:44 pm

Hatoful Boyfriend drama CD vol. 3 (Hatomame Sweet Blend) track 3

less than two months later ain't entirely bad........

This is extra long and there are medical references here and there, and let me tell you, I know nothing about medicine. So as always feel free to submit corrections!!

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2013-10-17 09:30 pm

Hatoful Boyfriend drama CD vol. 3 (Hatomame Sweet Blend) track 2



yeah uh I. am not even going to bother making excuses for my absence but I'm trying to work on this semi-regularly again so. soooo!! let's just get on with it

Hatomame Sweet Blend track 1

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2013-07-04 01:07 am

Hatoful Boyfriend drama CD vol. 3 (Hatomame Sweet Blend) track 1

I'M SORRY THIS IS LATE, I was busy/distracted with other things... I also know there are some weak spots in this translation (like when Tohri is describing his machine's technical specs - I don't know machines in English, let alone Japanese) but!!

Also, um. Content warning for racism...? It's pigeon racism but it's also very blatant soooo

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2013-05-31 09:18 pm

Hatoful Boyfriend drama CD vol. 2 (Summer Vacation) track 6

The final track is here! Next month, I'll start on Vol. 3, the Legumentine's CD!

Previously on our Summer Vacation:
Track 1
Track 2
Track 3
Tracks 4-5

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2013-04-30 07:39 pm

Hatoful Boyfriend drama CD vol. 2 (Summer Vacation) tracks 4-5

Two tracks this month! They are related, so I thought it appropriate.

Speaking of, there were instances here where I wasn't sure how to attribute the lines, so here is what I decided upon: if a name has a question mark by it ("RYOUTA?" for example) that means it is that character's voice actor speaking, but somehow the words they are saying and the pronouns they are using are highly uncharacteristic...

Track 1
Track 2
Track 3

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2013-03-31 10:39 pm

Hatoful Boyfriend Drama CD vol. 2 (Summer Vacation) track 3

This is a very short track, but this was a busy month, so in the end I didn't get around to doing any more than this. Maybe next month I will post two tracks at once!

This particular track takes place in one of the Holiday Star AUs--namely, the one used in the shrine visit episodes, where Nageki is in the same grade as the main cast, with all that entails. So there might be mild spoilers if you haven't finished BBL or Holiday Star.

Track 1
Track 2

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2013-02-28 10:41 pm

Hatoful Boyfriend drama CD vol. 2 (Summer Vacation) track 2

the shortest month to complete the longest track: why

As always, corrections or suggestions or whatever are accepted gladly! I am only one woman.

Track 1 was posted here.

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2013-01-30 10:36 pm

Hatoful Boyfriend drama CD vol. 2 (Summer Vacation) track 1

Hello everyone! It's been a while! I've clearly fallen to other things for the past few months, but I've never forgotten this project. And since I really really do want to finish it, I made myself a New Year's Resolution: I will have at least one track translated and posted every month!

However, for various reasons, I've decided to work on the Summer Vacation CD first. This does mean I am skipping an entire CD in the continuity! For now. But I do plan on going back to it. Since Vol. 3 will also be released shortly, my plan for now is Vol. 2 -> Vol. 3 -> Vol. 1. I love you, Anghel, but I'm saving your vocabulary hell for last. If you know absolutely nothing about the second CD (Vol. 1), luckily the drama CD stories are pretty self-contained! But one thing to keep in mind for reading this track is the fact that Sakuya was previously able to meet Nageki due to crazy Anghel-world antics.

If you want the Prologue CD translations, they're under the 'hatoful boyfriend' tag on this very journal.

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2012-08-30 07:50 pm

Hatoful Boyfriend drama CD (Prologue) tracks 8-10

IT'S ONLY BEEN LIKE FOUR MONTHS SINCE MY LAST POST...................... I don't really have an excuse other than life. There is a lot of pretentious language used in this section though, so as always, feel free to submit any corrections or so on. I... I've already forgotten if I had anything more specific to say about that.

Speaking of pretentious language, I have the second drama CD and I plan on translating that next! I also plan on translating the third one after it comes out/I'm done with the second!! Needless to say this will probably be a similarly drawn-out process.

Previous translations:
Tracks 1-4
Tracks 5-7

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2012-04-30 01:15 am

Hatoful Boyfriend drama CD tracks 5-7

I knew I would take a long time to do this... 97% of it was pure procrastination, but 3% is being genuinely stumped on some things, so I have some notes this time. And I'm sure there are things that could be improved that don't have notes too, SO, if you notice anything!!

The next post will be the 7th mystery, the epilogue and the bonus track (as in the stupid pigeonspeak, not the OOC cast talk, which I won't translate). This also will probably take an absurdly long time as I roll around in procrastination.

The first few tracks were here!

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2012-03-23 02:47 am

Hatoful Boyfriend drama CD tracks 1-4

A TRANSLATION HAS APPEARED! Or... half of one. It will probably take me a while to get more tracks out given how long I procrastinated on this, but. WE'LL SEE!

I think that after listening and relistening and obsessively looking up words in dictionaries and on Google, I have come to a translation that I have found satisfactory in accuracy, but please feel free to point out any inaccuracies you may notice. Drama CDs are not my forte...

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2010-11-13 05:45 am

"Genpei Checkpoint?"

AS FORETOLD, I am attempting to translate Oshaka-sama mo Miteru: Beni ka Shiro ka (Buddha is Also Watching: Red or White?), the light novel spinoff to the main Maria-sama ga Miteru series, focusing on Yumi's brother Yuuki and his adventures at Hanadera Academy. If you've seen the Marimite anime then the Hanadera crew has made cameo appearances, but here Yuuki is the protagonist and it is All About Him Now. I chose this book for a variety of reasons; the first Marimite novel has already been fan-translated, I didn't want to arbitrarily jump to a random book in the middle of the series, and this starts at the beginning so anyone can read it without being invested in the series/being spoiled. Also it seems like mainstream Western shoujo-ai fandom hates everything with a penis, so I feel like the only person who might bother to do this, so THE PRESSURE IS OFF. (Though I only have the first book and apparently there are more. HM. Well, I'll decide what to do after if/when I ever finish this.)

also this part is short, but other parts are longer, so I'm still debating between posting entire chapters at once or breaking them up into these smaller parts, so... I've already wasted a lot of time transcribing it first and I think I might just skip that part. ps: let's see if crossposting works right.

TRANSLATOR'S NOTE: Genpei, Genji, and Heishi all refer to the Genpei War. Genji and Heishi are alternate readings of the names of the warring clans, Minamoto and Taira, who were symbolized by white and red flags respectively.

Beni ka Shiro ka 1-1 )