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Hatoful Boyfriend drama CD vol. 2 (Summer Vacation) track 6

The final track is here! Next month, I'll start on Vol. 3, the Legumentine's CD!

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NARRATOR: In an era crying out at the decline in literacy rates for young chicks... Diversification of entertainment. The rise of social network games. Manga magazines have, once again, been placed in danger. New magazines are born, and fade away. Shounen manga magazine: Golden Weekly. How shall this magazine, born from a publisher of no great size, struggle to stay alive in this harsh industry?

NARRATOR: Within the prominent metropolis of Littledove Hachiman City. In a corner café, outside the sleepless offices, with manga before them, were two men embroiled in a heated argument.

TOHRI: On the whole, the name is pretty good. The panel flow also turned out well. But you have no shortage of bad habits.
ANGHEL: Bad... habits? Tell me! Golden-Winged Messenger, Avies Aurum! What is it that I lack?!
TOHRI: Frankly, the problem lies in the qualifications for serialization. First, as a newbie, you need to score a one-shot. You need to make sure that this one chapter is self-contained, with a proper conclusion.

NARRATOR: Nishikikouji Tohri, Golden Weekly Editor-in-Chief, had his own share of troubles. Sales had leveled off, and there weren't enough completed features.

TOHRI: He still owes us a favor, so we can invite that famous mangaka, can't we? But from a long-term standpoint, we can't say that will make the magazine a success.

NARRATOR: Nishikikouji is not only a manga magazine editor, but also an inventor for an evil organization. A bird of two faces. Inevitably, compared to the other, veteran companies, he lacks the time to go running around. Every minute and every second is precious. However, even with this efficiency, he had his doubts that he could tie things together into a neat resolution.

TOHRI: Isn't that unusual? I'm the type that succeeds in business. But using my busy schedule as an excuse would be unsightly. I challenge myself to act as if I am not busy. A true man is raised with grace and patience. With that as my top priority, I have fortified my objectives. Golden is still young. Henceforth, in order to survive, I shall do nothing but enjoy painting a victory through a worldview the likes of which nobirdie has ever seen, with new senses.

ANGHEL: This is... This is... the New Book of Revelations I have drawn!
TOHRI: I sense potential in you. You've done well to write this out so boldly.
ANGHEL: Save for in these Verses, the full story of the Miasma which seeks to suffocate the world has never been told. The Chosen Ones fight only those enemies that stand in their way before their eyes!
TOHRI: Good. You've made the vital points clear. Well then, let's go with this for now. The deadline is two weeks from now. Will that suffice?
ANGHEL: Aah! I shall carve this promise into this Crimson Breast!

TOHRI: I'll be going to get a manuscript from another mangaka soon. The Editor-in-Chief can't just stay cooped up in the editorial department. That manga is doing well, so I'm excited to see the original myself.

NARRATOR: All of us desperately rush and fight to survive. Can Golden Weekly make a name for itself in the shounen manga world? That, nobirdie knows. However, Nishikikouji could feel a definite effect. In order to call more interesting and more resonant things into the world, with a gait that would not show a single particle of fatigue, Nishikikouji disappeared into the city.