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Hatoful Boyfriend drama CD vol. 2 (Summer Vacation) track 1

Hello everyone! It's been a while! I've clearly fallen to other things for the past few months, but I've never forgotten this project. And since I really really do want to finish it, I made myself a New Year's Resolution: I will have at least one track translated and posted every month!

However, for various reasons, I've decided to work on the Summer Vacation CD first. This does mean I am skipping an entire CD in the continuity! For now. But I do plan on going back to it. Since Vol. 3 will also be released shortly, my plan for now is Vol. 2 -> Vol. 3 -> Vol. 1. I love you, Anghel, but I'm saving your vocabulary hell for last. If you know absolutely nothing about the second CD (Vol. 1), luckily the drama CD stories are pretty self-contained! But one thing to keep in mind for reading this track is the fact that Sakuya was previously able to meet Nageki due to crazy Anghel-world antics.

If you want the Prologue CD translations, they're under the 'hatoful boyfriend' tag on this very journal.


SAKUYA: I am Shirogane Sakuya. As the next head of the noble Le Bel family, I hold the absolute highest rank in St. Pigeonation's Academy: student council president. I had been looking forward to my first summer since coming to Japan, but...

SAKUYA: How uncomfortable! There is a limit even to discomfort! Why are Japanese summers so hellishly damp and humid?! I think I'm starting to lose sight of my surroundings!
OKOSAN: Coo coo cooooooo! (Japanese summers are spectacular! Fireworks, mosquito coils, dancing and flying around and breaking watermelons.) Nom nom nom!
SAKUYA: Oko! Don't you scavenge in the student council freezer on your own!
OKOSAN: Coo coooooo! (Thank you for the meal. Such elegant vanilla ice cream shall inspire Okosan to try his hardest at his swim training today as well!!)
SAKUYA: Look here! How can you have so much confidence taking others' things...! ...Honestly, what a sharp-sighted fool! Does he have a sense for sweets, or something of the like? ...Hahhh, even so, despite it supposedly being summer vacation, Oko is still at school as well. The Japanese summer vacation is fleeting. I'm interested in how the students spend their time. Very well; as a noble, I shall go observe the lower classes!

SAKUYA: I had thought somebirdie might come independently study in the library... but it's as deserted as ever here.

NAGEKI: Higure-kun, I finished reading your manga.
ANGHEL: Truly?! The chosen soldiers of destiny meet at St. Lucretia, and the lazuli crystal shows the way to the hidden labyrinth! One of the epic's famous scenes! Did I leave out any important scenes?
NAGEKI: I don't read very much manga, so I don't really know what sort of advice to give. ...But it's established that this dark swordsman, the Nightmare Fantail, can only fight when it's overcast or at night, since he's weak to the light of day, right? How come he's coming out to war in the daytime?
ANGHEL: Aaaaaahh!!
NAGEKI: Did you forget your own exposition?
ANGHEL: That's right! The mist took hold of the emotions in my crimson breast, and my reason was snatched away! I shall rewrite it! Iyaaaaaaa [INCOMPREHENSIBLE FRANTIC NOISES!!]
SAKUYA: Why is a member of the manga study club hosting his activities in a place like this? Isn't there a clubroom?!
NAGEKI: I guess the clubroom is too hot. Higure-kun has always used a nib pen and ink for his manuscripts. If it gets damp, then the ink will run.
SAKUYA: Wh--! Ghost! You were here too?
NAGEKI: Yeah. You can actually see me today. I wonder if it's because Higure-kun's nearby.
ANGHEL: I did it!! The Forbidden Epic of the Fallen Angel: Act 6! The Lazuli Ruins and the Vengeful Harris Hawk!
NAGEKI: I understand how excited you are, but this is a library. Calm down, Higure-kun.
SAKUYA: That's right! Don't ruin one of the very few private spaces this academy has!
ANGHEL: Ah! You're the Hallowed Mage of White!
SAKUYA: Wrong! I am Shirogane Le Bel Sakuya!!
ANGHEL: You came at the right time, Hallowed Mage of White! Very soon it shall be the season for the Summer Crusade to begin in this country! We must prepare funding for the war. Can you not assist me? The Forbidden Epic's blessings exceed that which I once predicted, and it has grown to become an infinitely more magnificent legend!
SAKUYA: Wait! Your speech is as incomprehensible as ever! What crusade? Why must I prepare money for your sake?
ANGHEL: In this country, twice a year, the chosen ones meet, and fight with all their body and soul! A crusade where brave volunteers fight for the prosperity of their rival chiefs: the Ragnarok of Dawn!
SAKUYA: Ragnarok? And there are two a year?!
ANGHEL: Those birds of valor, having advanced considerably in their long military service, spiral into naked desires and wild bloodshed, causing corpses to pile up into mountains--a frightening battlefield!
SAKUYA: Are you saying that such a disastrous battle is a frequent occurrence? At any rate, we cannot know if the ravages of war might extend to France as well. We must prepare countermeasures for the future!
NAGEKI: Sorry, Shirogane-kun, but it's not what you think. What Higure-kun's talking about.
NAGEKI: I'll translate Higure-kun's train of thought into Japanese. "I'm participating in a doujinshi convention held in summer. But the number of pages is more than I planned for, so I don't have enough money to print it all. With your power as the student council president, please increase the funding for the manga study club." ...Is what he meant.
SAKUYA: How could I know that?! Speak in plain Japanese when you're asking a favor of somebirdie!
ANGHEL: I must believe that I can succeed in this crusade. To crush this cursed fate, in order to dash forward into the future! O Hallowed Mage of White! Awaken here and now, and perform your duty!
SAKUYA: O crimson fallen angel, the fate that awaits you has become extraordinary. Due to the curse of the wicked dragon who dwells in the sea of tragedy, the true worth of your epic cannot be demonstrated... Wait! I'm not falling for that trick! It's useless to try and get me to help!
ANGHEL: He... He's not listening?!
NAGEKI: You're not performing a ceremony of hell this time. Hasn't your power grown weaker, Higure-kun?
SAKUYA: Higure Anghel! Are you not the maker of your own future?! Your funds for summer vacation activities ought to have already been distributed during first semester! Figure something out on your own!
ANGHEL: Gehhhh! However, I the sinner am naught but a prisoner... Wielding my power to help those outside my cage is forbidden! The light that would shine inside me cannot even satisfy the heart of a spirit!
NAGEKI: "My family rules ban me from getting a part-time job. And the allowance I get from doing chores isn't much."
ANGHEL: Furthermore, O Hallowed Mage of White, as in the ancient epic, I seek now your great surge of power! Without your white magic, I... I will not be permitted to even wish to arrive at the Ragnarok of Dawn!
NAGEKI: "Anyway it will be troublesome if I can't pay the printing fees, so please give me the funding."
SAKUYA: You can simultaneously interpret his words, Fujishiro? You've saved me a lot of trouble.
NAGEKI: Don't mention it.
SAKUYA: Then as a reply to your appeal: don't act like a spoilt child! Akagi Yoshio!
ANGHEL: Guhyaaaaa! Not again--! Don't say it again! Ah! Ah! Ahhh!
SAKUYA: In what way would it be fair for you to receive funding for such bitter circumstances? Either make cuts to the number of pages, or their dimensions!
ANGHEL: But... But for these three months, my crimson breast has burned brightly as I put everything on the line for the sake of this crusade! The Forbidden Epic must stay pure in spirit, in perfect condition! When I lost the guidance of that white surge, I...!
SAKUYA: Disagreed!
ANGHEL: Aaaand so I fall into the darkneeeeeeeeeeeess...!!
NAGEKI: Shirogane-kun, did you make pitfalls even in the library.
SAKUYA: Yes; there's no reason the absolute authority of the student council president should be limited to the student council room. Now then, with that troublesome bleeding-heart duly punished, shall I observe Oko's training next? I certainly do want to see how he manages swimming...

SAKUYA: The swim club and the track club certainly seem to be practicing together, but... where is Oko?
OKOSAN: Coo coo coooooo! Coo coo. (Okosan's swim training is going swimmingly. It's all thanks to Sakuya's vanilla ice cream! I give thanks to you.)
SAKUYA: There's no reason to thank me if you went and ate it on your own! But your running ability is as astonishing as ever. Is your swimming fast as well?
OKOSAN: Coo coo coo! (You'll find it quite promising! Witness Okosan's perfect swimmiiiing!)
SAKUYA: What?! He's... running on the water's surface?!
OKOSAN: Coo coo coo! (Okosan is swift, so swimming is also his specialty!!)
SAKUYA: Ashslkj! --Oi Oko, you can't call that swimming! First of all, if you're just running, you don't need to train in the pool, do you?!
OKOSAN: Cooooo! (Okosan loves the feel of cold water on his feathers! Running only on the track will cause him to dry up to a crisp!)
SAKUYA: If you want the cold water, then use it peacefully!! Look! Due to your reckless swimming, isn't half of the pool's water gone?!
OKOSAN: Coo coo!! (Hah! It is the truth! I had not realized.)
SAKUYA: Don't cause trouble for the swim club! Understood?
OKOSAN: Coooooo. (Okosan shall meditate on this.)
SAKUYA: Now then, is it already evening? It's about time to wrap up observation of the campus, and move on to the town at large, but... Oko, what do Japanese high school boys do during their summer vacation?
OKOSAN: Coo coooo! (Okosan spends it dashing across the fields and mountains! The night is only the beginniiiing!)
SAKUYA: That's how YOU spend it! I'm asking you what the typical student does! For example... what does Kawara do?
OKOSAN: Coo coo coo! (A blaze of part-time jobs! He's busy as a bee each and every day!)
SAKUYA: He labors even into his summer vacation? How thoroughly working class! Where is he today?
OKOSAN: Coo coo coooo! (On Fridays he is always at the Merry Feather maid cafe, so you would do well to go ask him.)
SAKUYA: Merry Feather maid cafe... Nn... I don't much want to, but this too is the duty of a noble. Perhaps I shall go study Kawara's work.

SAKUYA: It was spring when I first visited one of Japan's famous maid cafes. At first I attested that it was almost amazingly low-level drivel, no more than playing house, and I could imagine no possible way I would put up with it, but...

SAKUYA: Hmph. Is this the culture that Japan boasts of? How asinine.
RYOUTA: Sakuya, maid cafes are a wonderful bit of culture! Disguising yourself under an alias, serving your master through and through--you could say that maids are the modern ninja!
SAKUYA: The modern... ninja?!
RYOUTA: Right! And maid cafes, built for the master to heal and enjoy himself, and to put his mind at ease after the daily grind--these are ninja mansions!
SAKUYA: What... was that?!

SAKUYA: After that, I ought to have revised my cognizance, but...
RYOUTA: Welcome home, Master! --Eh, huh? Sakuya! You came again!
SAKUYA: I'm here for the purposes of observation, in order to know the truth of Japanese student activities. But this place is unsettling no matter how often I come here. The ceiling will not suddenly open to rain down those "caltrops" upon us and so on, will it?
RYOUTA: Master is Master, so it's all riiiight! If any bad kites or hawks show up, I'll take them out, nyan!
SAKUYA: Speak normally!! What are you thinking with that "nyan" in the first place?! Make it clear whether you're a dove or a cat!
RYOUTA: More importantly Sakuya, you didn't come here as a customer, but to observe, right? If you have time, do you want to try working with me for now?
SAKUYA: Wh--Are you telling me to put on an apron that's nothing but frills?! I refuse!
RYOUTA: We don't have enough birds around. If you've come to observe society, I think a wings-on approach is the best way to grasp the truth!
SAKUYA: I mourn only the fact that I must crossdress to do so!
RYOUTA: It's all right! Unlike golden pheasants or peacocks, it's hard to distinguish between male and female doves!
SAKUYA: I cannot deny that, but...
RYOUTA: And Sakuya, don't you have an interest in things like ninja and samurai and geisha?
SAKUYA: Well... That is... true.
RYOUTA: If you study the employees of the maid cafe, you'll come one step closer to the secrets of the ninja!
SAKUYA: Nnnnn...

RYOUTA: It suits you, Sakuya!
SAKUYA: I'm not happy about it! I will come closer to the ninja if I work at a maid cafe, right?!
RYOUTA: Disguising yourself to become somebirdie completely different is your service to your Master! It's one of the greatest ideas even among the great ninja knowledge!
TOHRI: May I order?
RYOUTA: Yes! We'll be right oveeeer! --All right, good timing, Customer A! Let's take his order, Sakuya!
SAKUYA: Mm. In other words, this is my first mission?
RYOUTA: You're a cute white dove maid. Don't forget it!
SAKUYA: Aah, this may not be strictly legal, but I'll do it!

RYOUTA: Sorry to keep you waiting, Master!
TOHRI: Ahhh, there you are. Please listen to my artistic order.
SAKUYA: That self-absorbed, violent minor character!
RYOUTA: Sakuya, cute white dove maid! The bird in front of you is your master!
SAKUYA: Nnnah... M... May I please take your order... M-M-Master.
RYOUTA: You sound too strained, Sakuya. It's more like this: refreshing, with a "nyan"!
SAKUYA: I get it!! I swear by the name Le Bel that I shall perform perfectly. Mmm... hahhhhh. May I please take your order, Master!
RYOUTA: Amazing, Sakuya! You look like a real girl!
TOHRI: From him, I shall take the pure white moemoe combo, omurice with seaweed, and the pure dream berry cocktail. I'd like it if you could present yourself in a tsundere manner.
SAKUYA: Pure white moemoe combo, omurice with seaweed, pure dream berry cocktail... and then... It... It's hard to understand the menu when it's all in hiragana!!
RYOUTA: Sakuya, that's no good! That's the worst service I've ever seen! Master, this fantail is just nervous since it's their first job! Come on, Sakuya, do your rightful duty.
SAKUYA: Are you telling me to apologize?!
RYOUTA: We're on the clock, so come on!
SAKUYA: Nnnnngg...
RYOUTA: Cutely, and stick your tongue out with a "hee hee!" Go!
SAKUYA: Sorry, Master! Teehee!
TOHRI: Very well, I shall forgive you. Since I'm so generous...!
SAKUYA: Yyyyyyooooouuuuuuuu!
RYOUTA: Sakuya--calm down! Even if it's the tsundere menu, you can't just outright hit him...!

SAKUYA: Hah... That was a frighteningly busy day, wasn't it? Do you have the pressure of this rigorous work every day?
RYOUTA: It's not like it's every day. Though I work more than usual during summer vacation.
SAKUYA: Still, if working as a maid during summer vacation, studying elegance and manners, is the standard for high school boys... Japan truly is a frightening country after all.
RYOUTA: On the standard ranking of part time jobs for high school boys, number one would be delivering mail, and number two would be working with the assistants who outline when shoebills fly.
SAKUYA: That second one is inexplicable as well.
RYOUTA: With this, you've come one step closer to understanding Japan!
SAKUYA: Yes. I must thank you, Kawara. Though I'll respectfully decline working in the maid cafe a second time.
RYOUTA: Ehhh, you handled the tsungire-loving customers really well, Sakuya! If you became a regular member, you'd surpass someone like me in no time.
YUUYA: Twinkle Star maid cafe, grand opening today! We are awaiting your return, Master, Mistress!
RYOUTA: Ah! It's the new maid cafe! This one's going to be themed on the Sengoku era. --Wait Sakazaki-senpai?!
SAKUYA: Just what are you doing here?
YUUYA: Oho? Isn't that Sakuya and Ryouta? What are you guys doing? It's time for good kids to go home and go to bed already.
RYOUTA: Aren't you a high school student, Senpai?!
SAKUYA: And what is that frilly apron?
YUUYA: I'm a maid, just as it looks like. I got a tip that lately a certain villain I've been tracking likes to frequent the maid cafes in the area. So I'm undercover. Doesn't it suit me?
SAKUYA: It is almost profane how much it does not suit you!! Don't come any closer!
YUUYA: So cold. Are you disturbed by how my charm has transcended gender roles?
SAKUYA: Yes, I am! I despair at the fact that I am even half tied to you by blood!
YUUYA: Master, allow me to serve you, nyan! My profusely affectionate pure love aura--nyadieuuuuuuu!!
SAKUYA: Hmph! Did you think my traps were limited to the campus? Don't underestimate the assets of the Le Bel family!
RYOUTA: In Japan, we call that tendon, Sakuya.

Translator's Notes
1. I didn't bother to crossreference most of what Anghel was saying, so if any of Anghel's FORBIDDEN EPIC MYTHOS has shown up before under a slightly different name, let me know and I'll edit the translation for consistency.
2. Hiragana, as you may well know, is a syllabary and one of the writing systems of Japan. Writing entirely in hiragana is the equivalent of sounding words out on paper, but it can be difficult to parse for someone used to reading kanji. EDITING/ADDING BELATEDLY, Sakuya's problem is likely that the things that Tohri orders are written almost entirely in katakana, so having them in hiragana is just bizarre.
3. I have no clue what in the world Ryouta was saying about shoebills. But this may be due to the fact that I don't know very much about shoebills. If anyone has any shoebill facts or corrections to my translation that can give some context to this line, by all means let me know.
4. I'm assuming anyone reading this knows that tsundere is the hot-and-cold romantic archetype, but the less ubiquitous tsungire is a more volatile version much more lacking in the "dere" department.
5. Tendon refers to a trope of Japanese comedy that involves repeating a joke over and over again, until the repetition itself becomes the joke. No relation to the English word.

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I think Shoebills are like Pelicans, you know with the 'Pelicans carry babies in their mouth and deliver them to their mothers' and all. They have a big mouth so I'm just assuming.