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Are You Alice? Chapter.22 translation

[Lovelove ♥ da...te...?]
[#47 of Wonderland's Top 100 Views: "The Pool of Tears"]
[Get on the mudboat melting into syrup with the power of your passionate love, and like your future is being projected before you, enjoy a perfect view of the picturesque fog-covered scenery ☆ It's the perfect date spot for happy couples like that.]
ALICE?: --So it seems
ALICE?: My darling.
HATTER: If you don't wanna get murdered, shut up till you die, my honey.
(SFX: plunk plunk)
DODO: ...
(SFX: plunk)

I want to give you a joy so richly colored
the world will turn and change--.
Chapter.22 The Pool of Tears

ALICE?: ...Hey
(SFX: plunk plunk)
ALICE?: It's not showing on his face, but don't you think this guy is seriously pissed off?
ALICE?: Look
ALICE?: It's 'cause you stuck a gun in his face the moment you met.
HATTER: I only asked him a question in a gentlemanly fashion.
HATTER: Hurry up and tell me where the White Rabbit is.
(SFX: kchak)
ALICE?: ...For now, I think you should try apologizing just once.
ALICE?: Personally.
HATTER: I don't apologize.
ALICE?: Heeh, is that one of the Queen's orders too?
HATTER: Idiot. It's a matter of pride.

ALICE?: Hmmm... At any rate, he doesn't talk, huh~ This guy.
HATTER: Hey, don't just ignore me, you'll make me cry.
ALICE?: I wonder why he doesn't talk~
CHESHIRE: Isn't that because he's a bird?
CHESHIRE: Alice-chan, have you ever seen a talking dodo bird?
(SFX: ugya--)
(SFX: bam!)
ALICE?: How many times!
(SFX: pipin)
ALICE?: Do I have to tell you!

ALICE?: To stop suddenly coming out of nowhere until you're satisfiiiiieeed!!!!
(SFX: nyaa~an)
CHESHIRE: It's fine, it's fine. If I get bored, I'll go home on my own.
CHESHIRE: More importantly, what are you two doing here?
CHESHIRE: The Pool of Tears
CHESHIRE: is a famous place of parting formed from the tears of Regrets.
ALICE?: ...I see
ALICE?: That's the perfect date spot, huh.
CHESHIRE: Were you saying some farewells?
ALICE?: He's
ALICE?: one of the White Rabbit's group of friends.

CHESHIRE: Hmmmm, how impressive, even though he's small.
CHESHIRE: I wonder if he read the contract properly.
(CHESHIRE: I'm a cat, so I can't.)
ALICE?: That probably doesn't have anything to do with it.
ALICE?: Anyway, should you really be so businesslike about a contract with the White Rabbit?
CHESHIRE: Whether it's good or bad, you need some things to be revealed when the time is right. Right?
HATTER: That may certainly be true,
HATTER: but.
(SFX: haah.)
HATTER: ...You both be quiet for a bit.
HATTER: You're not the one I want to talk.
(SFX: plunk...)

(SFX: whisper)
CHESHIRE: ...Hey Alice-chan.
CHESHIRE: Could it be that Hatter-san is angry?
ALICE?: Who knows?
ALICE?: He always looks angry to me.
CHESHIRE: Well, because even when I appeared suddenly, he didn't give me a reaction.
CHESHIRE: Usually he'd say
HATTER: Disappear.
HATTER: I'll shoot you to death.
HATTER: Perish at the cellular level.
CHESHIRE: or something.
CHESHIRE: Even though he hurls such harsh abuse and vilification that it nearly traps you into distrusting humanity
CHESHIRE: You two really get along.
ALICE?: Well, it's not impossible, is it?
ALICE?: This guy doesn't seem like he's gonna say aaaanything.

CHESHIRE: No, well, he's a bird.
CHESHIRE: Birds don't talk after all, right?
ALICE?: No, don't they talk?
ALICE?: Like parrots and parakeets.
ALICE?: Canaries sing really seriously.
CHESHIRE: That's right.
CHESHIRE: How tasty.
ALICE?: U-wah!
HATTER: I'll make it so you never talk again.
ALICE?: ...! Fucker!
ALICE?: Don't shoot like you really wanna hit me!
ALICE?: Do you even once keep your word about things you say?!

HATTER: Shaddap! I've had it.
HATTER: Everyone who doesn't listen can perish!
ALICE?: You're seriously tasteless...
HATTER: Oi! You're part of this too!
HATTER: Why don't you try following their lead and talking a bit!?
HATTER: If you think you can just keep looking down on others I'll turn you into cat food!
CHESHIRE: I'll restrain myself.
CHESHIRE: I'm quite the gourmet.

ALICE?: He talked.
CHESHIRE: He talked!
HATTER: Of course he talks, he's a bird.
HATTER: Is that it?
HATTER: What's the Caucus Race?
CHESHIRE: Who knows?
ALICE?: Same here.

ALICE?: He talked again.
HATTER: Heeh, he really does talk.
HATTER: Even though he's a bird.
CHESHIRE: We get that he talked.
CHESHIRE: The problem is the rest of it.
HATTER: I'd like to ask how we can kill each other in a satisfactory way.
HATTER: You game-loving traitor?

HATTER: This birdbrainnn...
ALICE?: ...Hey, you.
ALICE?: You don't think you were duped by that informant?
HATTER: If that's true, the mouse will be the first to be cat food.
CHESHIRE: I'll restrain myself.
CHESHIRE: I'm quite the gourmet.

HATTER: The Pool of Tears, huuh?
HATTER: ...That's another extremely troublesome place to go...
(SFX: fwaah...)
DORMOUSE: Complaining won't make any difference.
DORMOUSE: Alice just came to the country.
DORMOUSE: Forgive my shortage of information.
DORMOUSE: This time the target is the game-loving traitor.
DORMOUSE: I don't know if it suits your disposition, but I recommend listening carefully to what he has to say, and always agree to kill each other in a gentlemanly manner.
DORMOUSE: ...Well, do the best you can.

HATTER: Game-loving?
ALICE?: So that means the White Rabbit will be there?
DORMOUSE: Who knows.
DORMOUSE: Unfortunately, I don't know the White Rabbit's location.
DORMOUSE: I'm not one of his friends.
ALICE?: Haah?
HATTER: Everyone in this country received different kinds of rules and abilities from the White Rabbit.
HATTER: They're not all just abilities like who you can kill or not.
HATTER: To put it another way
HATTER: Without rules, you couldn't kill anyone, and you couldn't be killed by anyone.

HATTER: If you want to break the established laws, the only way to do it is to contract with the White Rabbit.
HATTER: The Dormouse was given the ability to collect information on those friends that contracted with the White Rabbit, and present it to a certain person.
DORMOUSE: That certain person is Alice.
DORMOUSE: --In other words, it's you.
ALICE?: Haah...
HATTER: Incidentally, you're also the only one that can shoot the White Rabbit's friends.
ALICE?: Is that a rule too?
(ALICE?: Tch.)
ALICE?: Who was it that said this was an easy game?
ALICE?: Isn't it ridiculously complicated?

ALICE?: But...
ALICE?: Friends
HATTER: Rabbits are creatures that can't act alone.
HATTER: If they get lonely they'll die.
HATTER: Right?
ALICE?: ...I know.
ALICE?: So the rabbits in this world are the same.
HATTER: "Humans" are the same too.
HATTER: So they make friends.
HATTER: And that becomes the one tail people can grab us by.

HATTER: Err, I didn't really mean to say something that deep, but...
HATTER: Do you have any questions?
ALICE?: It's simpler than being an assassin.
ALICE?: Aren't you tired of it?
HATTER: I'm tired of it.
HATTER: I already surpassed my disinterest and became completely addicted.
HATTER: Anyway, didn't I tell you I'm a hatter, not an assassin?
(SFX: hmph.)
(SFX: cough)
ALICE?: ...That's not "getting tired of it", that's called "giving up".
HATTER: So give up.
HATTER: There's nothing else for us to do right now.
HATTER: The people who have even a 5% chance of knowing where the Rabbit's den is are the happy friends that contracted with him.
HATTER: Otherwise it's just the Duchess's idiot cat.
HATTER: But that's out of the question.

HATTER: He'll only listen to his mistress's orders.
ALICE?: Cat...
HATTER: Don't talk about cats.
(SFX: shake shake)
ALICE?: You started it!
ALICE?: Well, in any case
ALICE?: You're saying I can shoot him.
(ALICE?: All right.)
HATTER: It's not all right.
HATTER: We're trying to get him to tell us the White Rabbit's location.

HATTER: And don't wave your gun around recklessly.
HATTER: Sheesh...
HATTER: This is why I hate kids.
ALICE?: You're the one who shouldn't be bringing me along without even explaining anything.
ALICE?: Don't call me a kid.
ALICE?: Even though you couldn't do anything without me.
ALICE?: Or are you
ALICE?: going to kill me~?
HATTER: Idiot.
HATTER: You'd die just from the number of people that can kill you. Like perhaps me for example!
HATTER: If you get it, then pipe down about that already.
(SFX: Mrr--...)

ALICE?: I got it.
DORMOUSE: It's good this Alice has so much spunk.
DORMOUSE: As expected of someone who made a "deal" with that Queen of Hearts.
DORMOUSE: You might be able to find it surprisingly easily.
DORMOUSE: Wonderland's exit.
ALICE?: Exit...?

ALICE?: What's that.
ALICE?: This place didn't have anything like that, did it?
DORMOUSE: Hatter, didn't you explain it?
HATTER: Well, I told him everything that I remembered.
HATTER: Anyway, this game has too many complicated rules.
HATTER: It's all I can do to remember my own rules.
DORMOUSE: Sheesh, how typical...
DORMOUSE: --All right, Alice?
DORMOUSE: Just like any race has a goal, this country has an exit.
DORMOUSE: ...If you can even find the key to open the door.
ALICE?: Key...?
ALICE?: --Could that be...

DORMOUSE: That's right.
DORMOUSE: The one who has the key to the door is the boss of that White Rabbit you guys are chasing.
DORMOUSE: The Queen of Hearts and the people that contract with the White Rabbit
DORMOUSE: are all aiming for that.
"I have a purpose."

"I'm going to leave Wonderland."
"Together with Alice."
DORMOUSE: --But don't get too impatient.

DORMOUSE: Humans are creatures that will speed up as soon as they can see the goal.
DORMOUSE: The weak-hearted lose discretion in their actions.
DORMOUSE: Their heart is stolen completely by their purpose, and they forget their own limits.
DORMOUSE: They don't notice even simple traps set up before the goal.

DORMOUSE: ...They don't even know that that's the biggest trap of the race.
ALICE?: ...Trap...
(SFX: exhale.)
HATTER: Well said.
HATTER: For us, isn't setting foot in this country itself the biggest trap?
DORMOUSE: Aah... That's right.

DORMOUSE: In short, if you want to live a long life, the best plan is not to do anything from the start.
DORMOUSE: I'm prudent, so I'll sleep peacefully.
DORMOUSE: --I'll be praying for you.
[What is the Dodo Bird's role...?]

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