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Are You Alice? Chapter.20 translation

[The Dormouse's opinions on Alice.]
DORMOUSE: From what I've learned
DORMOUSE: The most superior Alice in Wonderland
(SFX: clink.)
DORMOUSE: --is the 88th

DORMOUSE: This 89th one falls into the "good-for-nothing" category.
DORMOUSE: The bottom of the bottom, at that.
DORMOUSE: An extraordinary level of uselessness.
DORMOUSE: He's not like Alice one bit.
BARTENDER: My goodness, to think that he's lived on for this long...
(SFX: clink.)
DORMOUSE: ...Well, the 88th Alice did get killed by the Cheshire Cat.
DORMOUSE: There, something fell out of order.

DORMOUSE: --Did it color Wonderland so much that
DORMOUSE: it's even overlooking things that deny the story?
DORMOUSE: Or has it thought of another way--
DORMOUSE: to use the 89th Alice?
DORMOUSE: It doesn't matter to me.
DORMOUSE: ...When Hatter escapes Caterpillar Lane
DORMOUSE: and finally reaches me with Alice...
DODO: ...

DORMOUSE: Fwaah...
DORMOUSE: Feeling down really makes me want to go to sleep, huh.

CHESHIRE: What can you do for Alice?
ALICE?: ...Cheshire

ALICE?: Why are you here...
CHESHIRE: Why, you ask...
CHESHIRE: Because it seems Alice-chan's gotten himself lost again~
CHESHIRE: So I came to guide you~♪
(CHESHIRE: Hey, you stopped wearing girls' clothes, didn't you~ What a waste when they suited you so well~)
(ALICE?: Oi, take this a little more seriously...)
ALICE?: Right now
ALICE?: I didn't want to see you
CHESHIRE: Oh, you're so meeean.
CHESHIRE: It IS my specialty to make humans hate me, but--
ALICE?: I didn't know anything at all.
ALICE?: About your, mistress.

ALICE?: thought I did for some reason.
ALICE?: I thought if I stopped the Duke's rampage
ALICE?: I would free her
ALICE?: Because I'm Alice...
ALICE?: ...I misunderstood
CHESHIRE: ...I see.
CHESHIRE: You found out about everything.
ALICE?: Sorry, Cheshire Cat...
ALICE?: really am no good.
ALICE?: Everyone that has something to do with Alice keeps meeting disaster
ALICE?: They keep disappearing
ALICE?: And I still

ALICE?: Still think I want to be Alice.
ALICE?: Even killing the White Rabbit
ALICE?: If with that
ALICE?: If with something this easy I can have a place for me, how lucky!
ALICE?: That's what I think...

ALICE?: I'm really...
ALICE?: the worst
ALICE?: aren't I...
CHESHIRE: --Is there
CHESHIRE: something wrong with that?
ALICE?: Hah?

CHESHIRE: Well, since you're Alice in Wonderland now.
CHESHIRE: Wanting to be Alice
CHESHIRE: Wanting to stay here
CHESHIRE: Not wanting to die, these are normal thoughts, aren't they?
CHESHIRE: After all, if Alice is taken from you, you won't have anything at all.
ALICE?: Wh--
ALICE?: What do you mean I won't have anything at all!!
CHESHIRE: You can oppose that.
ALICE?: --

CHESHIRE: You won't be thrown away by anyone.
CHESHIRE: Now you have a soul that can speak words.
CHESHIRE: You have a name.
CHESHIRE: You have a story.
CHESHIRE: Didn't my Mistress tell you that as well?
CHESHIRE: If you follow the path you believe in, I'll be happy too.
CHESHIRE: That's--
ALICE?: What I
ALICE?: can do...
ALICE?: What I can do for Alice in Wonderland...

CHESHIRE: Even so...
Without a role or reason to live, finishing life as if the whole thing was a dream--
Idly wasting one's life away.
CHESHIRE: It's a little nostalgic.
CHESHIRE: And incredibly harsh.
CHESHIRE: The you before you came to Wonderland--
ALICE?: ? Before I came
ALICE?: to Wonderland...?
ALICE?: The first time I met you was after I came to Wonderland, right?
ALICE?: Could it be...
ALICE?: You know something about me?

ALICE?: You see
ALICE?: I don't remember anything from before I came here.
ALICE?: Who I lived with, or where
ALICE?: I didn't even know my own name
ALICE?: I was "empty"
ALICE?: At that time, you called me by a name--
CHESHIRE: Didn't I tell you?
CHESHIRE: I'm just a pet cat.
CHESHIRE: Nothing more or less than that.
CHESHIRE: A pet like me can't give you a name.
CHESHIRE: I just called the name that you already had from before.
ALICE?: ...I really can't rely on you after all.
(SFX: fwip)
CHESHIRE: Eeeeh, how meeeeean.

ALICE?: In the first place, can't you only enter Caterpillar Lane if you've sworn your loyalty to the Queen?
ALICE?: You said it was absolutely impossible otherwise.
CHESHIRE: That goes both ways, doesn't it?
ALICE?: Ooh...
CHESHIRE: Don't worry. I'm tight-lipped. I'll stay quiet about this time ♪
ALICE?: ...It can't be that I'm weak to you...
CHESHIRE: Now then, let's put an end to always dreaming.
CHESHIRE: We'll have to get back to Wonderland soon.

CHESHIRE: The story's not progressing.
CHESHIRE: Right, Alice?
Are you Alice?

ALICE?: Probably
ALICE?: Alice...

(SFX: ching)
CHESHIRE: you're in a really bad mood, aren't you?
CHESHIRE: Do you dislike me helping him that much?

CHESHIRE: ...Even though you treasured him that much
CHESHIRE: You were forgotten, weren't you?
CHESHIRE: I'm sorry.
CHESHIRE: But sooomehow, I just can't leave him alone.
CHESHIRE: A sensation like this might not be able to be understood by someone who hasn't been thrown away at least once.

CHESHIRE: Lending a hand to him is all for your sake.
CHESHIRE: I will--
CHESHIRE: For your sake, I'll throw away anything.

(SFX: ching)
CHESHIRE: ...Alice
[The Cheshire Cat's wish is...?]

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