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Hatoful Boyfriend drama CD vol. 3 (Hatomame Sweet Blend) tracks 4-8

Haha this isn't really enough to be worth the wait but whatever! I had it mostly done for a while, but then got distracted by earning the privilege to translate some official Hatoful materials (yaaaay!) and then just distracted in general (y...aaayyy...) But with this the Legumentine's CD is all wrapped up!

I'm not disinterested in translating the Anghel world drama CD, but my attention has strayed to murder mysteries other things recently, so it's possible I might end up translating things from other fandoms before getting around to that. Basically it's more like "indefinitely postponed". don't wait up for meeee

Hatomame Sweet Blend:
Track 1
Track 2
Track 3


Hey, are you heading home now? Me too. Let's go together! ...Ummmm, I turned in the work, and it looks like I have everything I need. Well, let's go!

Haah, it's still pretty chilly. Can't the warmth of spring hurry up? The weather report said it might even snow tonight. Hah... But, once spring comes, we'll both be seniors. I almost can't believe it. It feels like only yesterday we had the entrance ceremony. I don't know if we'll be in the same class... That's a little lonely.

Wh—ah, mm, you're right, it's not like it's already decided we'll be split up! But, even if I am in a different class, I'll still come visit. And if you have any requests, come grab me anytime, and I'll make you lunch like always.

...Seniors... Seniors, huh! I still don't know for sure if I'll go to university or get a fulltime job. Mom isn't the type to order me around, so somehow, I started thinking my life would stay like this forever. But that's not true, is it? After the cold winter comes the warm spring, and a new year begins. I don't know what I'll be doing next year or the year after that, but I think I'll be fine as long as you're by my side. And then, someday...

SHORT STORY: OKOSAN "Basic Training"

Coo coo cooo! (Time to train with Okosan. Just like the mighty warriors who came before us!)

Coo cooooo! (Come, and you may borrow the manly down on Okosan's chest! Readyyyyy, go!)

Coo coo cooooooo! (You're too slow!) Coo coo coooooo! (That's it!) Coo coo cooo! (Become the wind!)

Coooooooo?! (That was too fast!) Coo coo cooooo. (Understood. Okosan shall keep pace with you instead, since pushing yourself to do the impossible will destroy your body.) Coo, coo, coo, coo. (One, two, one, two, yell in time and keep the pace!)

Coo cooooo. (Goooood job, you shall be praised for your hard work.) Coo coo coo! (If you are able to run even faster, Okosan shall accept you as a comrade on his great journey. Keep up the good work!)

SHORT STORY: ANGHEL "The End of a Black History"

VOICE 1: You're going the wrong way! This is the middle of the line!
VOICE 2: Oi, don't run! It's dangerous! Stay still on the escalator!

The holy war where the chosen ones meet, the Ragnarok of Dawn! A spiral of desires stained with tears of blood, where the honorable veterans of battle put their lives on the line to fight! Some hold in wing the scriptures to heal the casualties, yet others struggle in pain from thirst and hunger, and join the corpses of the fallen! For half a year, I refined my wings, and carried the offerings to awaken each soul! As the Kaleido Master says, the pen is mightier than the sword! With support, this time my legend ought to lead the soldiers as the guide of heroes, and allow them to carry out those roles! However...!

Time only cruelly mangles my soul! Has my epic... come too soon for the current generation?! This is... my sin... for having fallen into the present era!

An indisputable fate, a crimson lamentation... Imprisoned in a nightmare, I...

Fweh?! Could you... Could you be... the Spirit of Light?! Do you understand the necessity of my legend?!

Yes...! I have long awaited this time! When somebirdie's soul regains its rightful power, my soul as well is granted healing each time! Accept it! This is yours!

That pure grimoire... might it also include my... Illurequestria?! Aah... ahh! Of course! If you wish, I shall polish these wings...! Just wait! I shall even create a copy in full color!!

1) Kaleido Master - I don't know what this is meant to reference, this is just what he sounds like he's saying.
2) Illurequestria - The best I can figure is that this is some kind of Anghelism based off of イラリク (irariku, short for イラストリクエスト, an "illustration request" or "hey tell me what to draw and I'll do it") so that's what I patterned the romanization off of.

SHORT STORY: NAGEKI "Nageki's Diary"

I lose consciousness for a brief time, and wake up in the same library again. The invisible walls that hinder me are silently standing today, too. It's the same thing over and over. How long am I going to be shut up in here?

Days. Months. ...Maybe even years, that I'll be staying here.

At first, I thought everybirdie was ignoring me and avoiding me on purpose. ...But that's not it. They couldn't even make the choice to ignore me. I wasn't reflected in their eyes even once.

On the other side of the windowpanes, the seasons definitely keep changing. Everybirdie grows up, and one after another, they leave the nest. It's only my clock... that's stopped, unmoving.

Why... do I have nothing but questions? Why am I being tied to this library? Why did I lose my life? Just where was I born, and where did I grow up? I think and think, but I can't come up with an answer.

I feel like I'm forgetting something very important. That day, on the other side of the door, the one who called me was...


RYOUTA: What kinds of beans do I like? I like corn that's easy on my stomach.
SAKUYA: Isn't it obvious that the most expertly calculated blend is the best?
OKOSAN: Okosan is firmly on the side of hemp!!
YUUYA: I'm a member of the Bitter Black Bean Party, maybe?
SHUU: I'm not terribly interested in food.
NAGEKI: Millet for me.
ANGHEL: The jet-black beans are calling to me...!
NANAKI: When you're full, you get sleepy, huh~
TOHRI: Is this where you've been hiding, Isa Souma?! Today is the day I'll have you crying uncle!
RYOUTA: If you're looking for Iwamine-sensei, he already left.
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Well, I will admit: 4 out of 4 would have been even better.
But I am thankfull to have at least 3 of the 4. =) That is more then I could ask for.