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Hatoful Boyfriend drama CD vol. 3 (Hatomame Sweet Blend) track 3

less than two months later ain't entirely bad........

This is extra long and there are medical references here and there, and let me tell you, I know nothing about medicine. So as always feel free to submit corrections!!


NANAKI: I had a dream: I looked up at the sky, crowded so thickly with gray clouds that I couldn't see anything. Powder snow fluttered down like feathers from the gloomy sky. The snow piled up gently without a sound, painting the entire area pure white. It covered up everything, so that what lay beneath couldn't be seen... I thought it must have been falling for quite a long time. ... A dark brown bird was napping at my feet, half-covered in snow. This bird with a face I had never seen spoke to me in a voice I had never heard, and this is what he said.

HITORI: Mm? It's been a while since I've had any visitors... Hello! Mr. White Button Quail.
NANAKI: Are you taking an afternoon nap in a place like this? Aren't you cold?
HITORI: Not at all! If you do this, you can use the snow as a futon.
NANAKI: Ehhhh... Not only is the snow dry, but it's not cold. Haaaahhhhh... Now I'm getting sleepy, too. Could you let me take a nap with you...?

SHUU: Common cold. Influenza. Diarrhea. And now somebirdie has fainted? ...Hah. How dull. Why does this infirmary attract nothing but the most banal of patients? I nearly think the boredom may cause me to fall ill myself.
YUUYA: Pretty indiscreet, Sensei. Isn't it your job to provide tender care no matter the symptoms that might come your way? Couldn't you keep up the illusion of being an angel in white, even if it's a lie?
NANAKI: Mm... Mmmmm... Mmmmmmmm...
YUUYA: Aah, are you awake, Nanaki-sensei?
NANAKI: Ah...? Huh... I thought I was sleeping on a white plain... Why did I wake up...?
YUUYA: Are you still half-asleep? This is the infirmary.
NANAKI: In... firm, ary...?
YUUYA: You were on the brink of death, Sensei! You were covered in snow taking a nap in the courtyard! Do you not remember?
NANAKI: Aaaaahhhhh...! I kind of do... and kind of don't.
YUUYA: Please take care of yourself! If you'd kept that up for just a little longer, you'd be being dissected by Iwamine-sensei right now.
NANAKI: D... Dissected?
SHUU: Oh, yes. If you had managed to die of indeterminate causes on the premises, I had planned on performing an autopsy with the utmost devotion. What a shame.
YUUYA: Hey, if you carelessly fall asleep outside on a cold day like this, you really will be made into Iwamine-sensei's toy, you know?
SHUU: Excuse me; he is not a toy. He would be the subject of an experiment intended to satisfy my intellectual curiosity.
YUUYA: We'd call that a toy, Sensei.
NANAKI: Nnnn, I don't want to be opened up just yet. But I can't help being sleepy.
YUUYA: How can you be sleepy 24 hours a day? You made my little brother pretty mad! "It is unbelievable that a teacher would nap on the job! He's a salary thief!" ...In his own words. Now, I'm a much more leisurely student myself, but don't you think it'd be good for you to take a long look at your lifestyle?
NANAKI: Nnnn... That's easier said than done. I make sure to go to bed early at home...
YUUYA: You're sleeping day and night! Iwamine-sensei, stop mixing those strange-smelling liquids for a bit and give this patient and his Nap Disease some advice, would you?
SHUU: Why is it necessary that I do such a thing?
YUUYA: You're the school nurse. Honestly... I think this school must have the most salary thieves in all of Japan.
SHUU: Haah, how annoying. Are you currently taking any medicine?
NANAKI: Not really.
SHUU: Alcohol?
NANAKI: I'm more of a tea bird.
SHUU: Your last physical examination... didn't reveal any particular problems, did it?
NANAKI: It didn't. Thanks to that, I'm living healthily.
SHUU: It doesn't seem as if you have excess brain activity. So I can't imagine the cause is psychological. Do you have any serious worries or troubles?
NANAKI: Ahaha! Oh, no, I don't have anything like that.
SHUU: Then it is a case of slow cognitive faculty, or in other words, a simple idiosyncrasy. Figure it out on your own.
NANAKI: Eh... Eeehhhhhh?
YUUYA: Personally, I use espressos to keep me awake, but you said you were bad with coffee, didn't you?
NANAKI: Mm-hmm. Not to mention, coffee has never managed to keep my eyes open. Ah... That's it! Iwamine-sensei, do you have any medicine to keep me from falling asleep?
SHUU: Medicine to keep you from falling asleep... is it?
NANAKI: Yes. Even doses of straight caffeine don't work on me at all. But I thought that you might have some stronger medicine. If I had that, then I wouldn't carelessly take a nap that ended up with me covered in snow.
YUUYA: I think asking Iwamine-sensei for a prescription is the more dangerous option, though.
SHUU: Would you please be quiet for a moment, Sakazaki-kun? Medicine to keep one from falling asleep... I do, in fact, have some. If that was what you wanted, then you ought to have said so earlier. I will have something prepared for you before the day is out. Hohohohoho!
NANAKI: Yeeees! Thank you very much!
YUUYA: Aah, geez. Why doesn't this quail have any danger sense?

RYOUTA: The next day!

NANAKI: Morning, everybirdie!
RYOUTA: Uh... Um? What's wrong, Nanaki-sensei? There's still ten minutes until homeroom!
OKOSAN: Coo coooooo. (How strange, Nanaki-sensei. You aren't late for being late.)
NANAKI: Naaaah, somehow, I'm in a good mood today. I just never got around to sleeping!
RYOUTA: A... Are you all right?
SAKUYA: What are you worrying for? This is how a teacher should be! Hmhm, it seems he's finally had a change of heart.
RYOUTA: That's fine, but...

SAKUYA: Then, three days later!

NANAKI: Ummm, today, let's go over the problems on the last proficiency test that most people got wrong...
SAKUYA: Recently, Nanaki hasn't been sleeping during class either; it seems he has finally become a proper teacher.
OKOSAN: Zzz... Zzz...
RYOUTA: San, wake up! We're actually doing math today! Still, I might be imagining it, but Nanaki-sensei doesn't look that great, somehow...

OKOSAN: Cooooo. (Some days later.)

NANAKI: ...Morning, everybirdiiiiiie...
RYOUTA: S... Sensei, you're so worn out; what's wrong?!
SAKUYA: You had seemed to be gradually withering away recently, but... it wasn't a hallucination?
OKOSAN: Coo cooooo! (Emergency! Feast upon Okosan's prized swollen hemp!)
NANAKI: Naaaahahahaha, it's no big deal. I just haven't slept for about... a... week... oh...
RYOUTA: Sensei! Get it together!!
SAKUYA: He's on the verge of a breakdown... Oi, Kawara! We will bring him to the infirmary for now!

RYOUTA: He drank Iwamine-sensei's personally crafted remedy for drowsiness?!
SHUU: Oh yes, I believe it was, "medicine to keep him from falling asleep".
SAKUYA: That's only to be expected from you, Iwamine-sensei! Perfectly responding to a patient's request!
RYOUTA: Sakuya at least stop cheering him on at a time like this! And Nanaki-sensei, why would you even ask that?? Even I don't accept anything but brand name medicine from the infirmary!
NANAKI: Mmnnnnn... I thought it might be better than napping in the middle of winter and freezing to death...
RYOUTA: But now you have severe insomnia, don't you?!
NANAKI: Aahhh... I want to sleep... I want to go to sleep...
RYOUTA: What should we do... He's going to die if we don't do anything.
SHUU: No worries on that point. There have been no cases of sleep deprivation as a direct cause of death. Although, with his sympathetic nervous system constantly activated, he might have a heart attack before long. Hohohohoho!
RYOUTA: This is not a "hohoho" situation this is legitimately medical malpractice!!
SAKUYA: Keh, I see! This incident may be as trivial as Nanaki's sleep deprivation, but is there the possibility that Iwamine-sensei's illustrious reputation might suffer damage...?
RYOUTA: Why don't we try worrying about Nanaki-sensei's life first Sakuya.
SAKUYA: Regardless, we must lull Nanaki to sleep before he suffers a breakdown, at all costs!
OKOSAN: Coo coooo! (A technique to leave him fast asleep? Leave this one to Okosan. A hot water bottle.)
SAKUYA: Good judgment. All right, come with me to purchase one immediately!
OKOSAN: Coo coo coo! (That is unnecessary! Okosan is just as warm.)
RYOUTA: I see! San can just slip into Nanaki-sensei's futon!
OKOSAN: Coo coo coooo!
SAKUYA: How's that? Do you feel sleepy at all?
NANAKI: Mmmmm... The bed got cramped, so it's a little painfulllll...
OKOSAN: Coo. Coo.
RYOUTA: I think San's already fast asleep.
SAKUYA: Next! Next!!

NAGEKI: Something for when you can't sleep? I think there were one or two of those kinds of books, for sure. I think the standard method is aroma?
RYOUTA: "Aroma"... You mean, like incense?
NAGEKI: Mm. Lavender is the most well-known, but chamomile, clary sage, rosewood, and various others are mentioned, I think. Why don't you try that?
SAKUYA: I cannot possibly believe it would have an immediate enough effect, but perhaps we ought to test it just in case.

ANGHEL: Geh--! The Sage of Nightmares has been seized with the Curse of Evil Awakening!?!
RYOUTA: It's not a curse, it's insomnia, Anghel.
ANGHEL: As a Nightmare, he is a creature that devours dreams, and is saved by dreams! Denying himself like this will cause only decay, and those wings that violate the basis of their own name, unable to carry out their true intentions, will be swallowed up by the Nothingness!
SAKUYA: I can't understand a word you're saying. Let's go, Kawara! Asking for advice from the likes of him is a waste of time!
ANGHEL: Wait! My... My crimson breast is murmuring! Thou shalt tell the story that must be told. Calm preparations may tempt the Sage to his rest, and perhaps the Silent Castle shall rise again!
RYOUTA: The... Silent what?
NAGEKI: He's saying you could read him a bedtime story.
RYOUTA: Thanks for the translation, Nageki!
ANGHEL: Geh! Take this! Textoris Melodia Funeris! This is the story you must tell!

SAKUYA: I've lit the incense. Begin, Kawara.
RYOUTA: Now, just relax and listen, Sensei.
NANAKI: Mmmmm... Please...
RYOUTA: At last, the Crimson Fallen Angel shall open the bloodstained Door of Fate! Here I am, Dark Sorcerer Wallenstein! As long as I have the Holy Spear Saekro'm in wing, your bewitching magic is useless! ...How's that, are you sleepy yet?
NANAKI: Haaaahhhh... Rather, I think I feel a little more awake...
SHUU: You're raising quite a racket, Kawara-kun. Please be quiet.
RYOUTA: Oh, sorry.
NANAKI: Sorry... for causing so much trouble...
SAKUYA: Honestly! What else can we do...
YUUYA: Salut! Having some trouble?
SAKUYA: Get out! Nobirdie asked for you!
YUUYA: Have you forgotten? I'm the Infirmary Club President! If there's an incident in the infirmary, it's only natural for me to come running. ...Aa~aah, look at how worn out he is, and after I told him not to rely so recklessly on Iwamine-sensei, too.
RYOUTA: Senpai! Senpai, please open your heart and tell us some kind of secret surefire sleep strategy too!
YUUYA: I suppose... Have you tried insulation?
SAKUYA: Oko attempted using a hot water bottle, but there was no effect.
RYOUTA: Next time maybe we should try some Attaka socks?
YUUYA: Then... I've heard you can sleep better if you don't wear any underwear.
RYOUTA: Maybe if he takes off his underwear and only wears socks? Mmmm, that might work...
SAKUYA: We birds don't usually wear underwear in the first place!!
YUUYA: True enough... Well, what about using an electric blanket?
SHUU: If it's an electric blanket you're after, I have the perfect new product.
YUUYA: Hm? Would that by any chance be something with a high voltage current?
SHUU: Oh my. How did you know?
RYOUTA: An electric blanket is not a weapon! Please don't come up with such a dim-witted invention!!
SAKUYA: Oi Kawara! Are you insulting Iwamine-sensei?! There are electric chairs for executions! It's not a stretch to have an electric blanket for executions too!
RYOUTA: It's definitely stretching! We're not talking about executions here!
YUUYA: He's right. Why don't you try showing some concern for others once in a while, Sakuya?
SAKUYA: Hmph... I do somewhat understand even without you telling me!
NANAKI: Mm... It's no good...
RYOUTA: Sensei, does that mean you're sleepy? Or does that mean your heart is seizing up?
NANAKI: The seizing one...
SAKUYA: Don't fall asleep! ...No, it's fine if you fall asleep but don't die!
NANAKI: Nnnn... I want a peaceful sleep... Iwamine-sensei... Do you have any medicine for falling asleep...?
SHUU: Medicine for a peaceful sleep... is it? Ho ho, I have countless.
YUUYA: Waaait a minute! That medicine--!
SHUU: Why must you get in my way, Sakazaki-kun? You are serving as my assistant, are you not? Would you please give that back?
YUUYA: Aaah, it really is a muscle relaxant...
SAKUYA: A muscle relaxant... in an infirmary...?!
RYOUTA: Well, it's not strange if Iwamine-sensei has some...
SHUU: First of all, a muscle relaxant is no different than a sleeping pill that affects receptors non-selectively. If he wishes for a peaceful sleep, it is the most reliable way to achieve that. I haven't yet administered it to somebirdie on the verge of a breakdown, so I am looking forward to seeing the results, but--
RYOUTA: Please don't look forward to it!
NANAKI: Mmmm... mm...
SHUU: Oho, his pulse has slowed. It seems there is no need for medication.
RYOUTA: Sensei! Sensei!
SAKUYA: Geh... What should we do...?!

NANAKI: I had a dream: I looked around me, and saw pure white, like a freshly washed futon. I was nodding off, covered completely in the comfortable snow. The snow just kept falling, and I couldn't hear anything. It was a very nice, peaceful place. At that point, suddenly, I heard the voice of the dream bird.

HITORI: Hey, are you sleeping here too?
NANAKI: Aah, Mr. Dream Bird! Hello! I'm just so, so sleepy...
HITORI: I see... but, this is where I should be. It's a bit of a problem if you're here.
NANAKI: Nnnnnn... Nnnnnwelllll... Just a little... I'll just, sleep a little, and then leave... Good... night... zzz...
HITORI: But sleeping is my job... You still have a little longer--tomorrow, and the day after that, and after that...

RYOUTA: Sensei! Sensei! Please, open your eyes!
SAKUYA: Nnngeh... Even if Nanaki dies, a doctor as renowned as Iwamine-sensei should be able to make his medical treatment take effect again on even this victim!
SHUU: You flatter me. Now then, shall we begin preparations for the autopsy?
RYOUTA: Eeehhhh?! What happened to CPR?!
SHUU: I've been waiting for so long. Aah, first, the brain... to verify once again the efficacy of the medicine... Ahahahahahahaha!
RYOUTA: It's no good... Our doctor's just raring to sit back and let this guy die...!
YUUYA: Sakuya, however much Iwamine-sensei may be the benefactor that saved your father's life, isn't it getting a little difficult to cover for him?
SAKUYA: B... Be quiet! Iwamine-sensei must have his own idea!
YUUYA: Once you've flipped Iwamine-sensei's switch, you can't count on him helping you out! We have until he finishes his preparations to resuscitate the patient. Can I leave chest compressions to the two of you?
SAKUYA: What are you doing?
YUUYA: Considering the risks, I can't get my hopes up too much, but... It's the only thing left we can try.

NANAKI: The gently warm futon... shuts out... the drafts... when they're calm, and when they're rough... In the futon... eternally... I swear... eternal... love...
HITORI: You seem to be pretty happy sleeping... Mm, but it would be best if you woke up soon... Hm? ...That's strange. That thunder sounds like it's coming closer. Is somebirdie coming for you?

YUUYA: Right, done.
SAKUYA: Wh... What is this?!
RYOUTA: Isn't that Iwamine-sensei's custom electric blanket?! Are you trying to kill him twice, Senpai?!
YUUYA: No no no. I tampered with it a bit. So now it's for the opposite.
SAKUYA: Hah--an electric shock?!
YUUYA: I may not look it, but I've got some skilled wingtips. All right... I covered Nanaki-sensei with the electric blanket. Now, how about this?
NANAKI: Aaaah!
RYOUTA: He flew! Sensei flew!
SAKUYA: Good work, Sakazaki!
YUUYA: See, this is why you should always ask for assistance from your trusty Infirmary Club President.
NANAKI: Aaah, uwawawawa s-s-somehow, I feel like I'm flickering...!
SHUU: Oh my... What a shame. You brought him back to life.
NANAKI: Nnnnnn... nnnah... How shocking... Nn, what's going on...?
SAKUYA: You were in a state of suspended animation, and so you were revived with an electric shock. You understand, don't you?
RYOUTA: Senpai turned Iwamine-sensei's murder weapon into a life-saving apparatus! It was so cool!
YUUYA: Right, in a sexy and luxurious manner.
SHUU: Honestly, you are always overstepping your bounds. Can't you let me have a little fun once in a while?
NANAKI: Noooo, but thanks to you, even the stiffness in my shoulders is gone, and somehow, I feel refreshed! Thank you very much, Iwamine-sensei. You too, Sakazaki-kun.
SAKUYA: Is your insomnia no longer a problem?
NANAKI: Mmhmm. It's probably back to normal. I got kind of tired out, and now I'm sleepy... wah...
SAKUYA: Do not fall asleep!! How long are you planning on inconveniencing Iwamine-sensei?!
NANAKI: Mmm... mm... I gueeeess...
SHUU: If necessary, shall I prescribe you some nutrients? I just completed something the other day, so it is still undergoing testing, but with your assistance...
RYOUTA: We're good, thanks! You too, Nanaki-sensei; this is where you smile and fondly say that you don't need to rely on Iwamine-sensei's handmade medicine anymore, please!
SAKUYA: That's right! Iwamine-sensei doesn't need to have his wings full with the likes of you!
NANAKI: Okaaaaay...
YUUYA: Too bad, Iwamine-sensei. Your toy's been confiscated this time.
SHUU: Hoho. As you say. Well, I don't mind. I'll be waiting for the next opportunity.

RYOUTA: Today's summary!
YUUYA: If you come across somebirdie going into cardiac arrest, take immediate action to help save their life. If your AED battery is expired or otherwise broken down, you'll be in big trouble in an emergency. Remember to check it regularly. Oh, and everybirdie make sure to call an ambulance. Finally, no animals were harmed in the making of this or any other episode of Hatoful Boyfriend. Is that everything?
SAKUYA: What a farce.

SAKUYA: Late... He's late! What is Nanaki doing?!
RYOUTA: There, there, you know this always happens.
OKOSAN: Cooooo cooooo! (Going right back to sleep after waking up on a cold morning is the best.)
SAKUYA: Isn't winter over by now?! Don't use the temperature as an excuse!
NANAKI: Aaaahaahaahhhh... mmmnng. Morning, everybirdie. Well, time to take attendance with gusto once again...

NANAKI: Since then, I haven't met the dream bird. Is he still sleeping in the snow? I think it would be nice if we met again someday.

YUUYA: I only get to stay in this infirmary for a little while longer... I'll be sad to leave it behind.
SHUU: You hardly know what to do with all that free time on your wings, hm? Your duties as head of the Infirmary Club are over, are they not? I don't believe it's necessary for you to stay much longer.
YUUYA: As a hero of justice protecting this school, it's my job to keep an eye out and stop your pranks in their tracks, up until I graduate! No offense.
SHUU: Oh no, don't worry; I'm in an excellent mood. The testing for my next drug is already underway.
YUUYA: Wh... What?!
SHUU: The coffee you just drank... How was it? The smell was so strong, you didn't notice, did you?
YUUYA: Pffft--! Gyeh...! Wh... What kind is it this time?
SHUU: That's something to look forward to when the effects start setting in. If I told you ahead of time, the placebo effect would muddy my results, wouldn't it? Muhahahahahaha!

1) salary thief - it's a japanese term for a useless slacker who somehow keeps their job.
2) Attaka socks - this is the only real reference I can find for these. "Attaka" is a distortion of "atatakai", which means "warm", so even if it's not meant to be a specific brand name that's the general idea.
3) AED battery - a kind anon suggests this is referring to an automated external defibrillator; for the record, I had this down as "AD battery" before due to utter cluelessness on my part.

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