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Hatoful Boyfriend drama CD vol. 3 (Hatomame Sweet Blend) track 2



yeah uh I. am not even going to bother making excuses for my absence but I'm trying to work on this semi-regularly again so. soooo!! let's just get on with it

Hatomame Sweet Blend track 1


ANGHEL: Poh! Here and now, the next legend has been born! Now! Accept it!
NAGEKI: You wrote another new manga? You're pretty prolific, Higure-kun.
ANGHEL: The God of Time shows no mercy! Bearing proof of my sin, I must continue to draw this Forbidden Epic!
NAGEKI: Hmmmmm... Well, I was just getting bored, so I guess it's fine...

ANGHEL: Anghel, the Crimson Fallen Angel, attempted to cross the Valley of Deep Mist. The Caller of Phosphorescent Stars must be led to the Hallowed Magician of White. Yet there, the Dark Magician Wallenstein's cowardly trap lay in wait.

ANGHEL: This dark gas... It couldn't be--the Nightmare Fantail?!
CAIN: How inconvenient that you brought the Caller here alive. Now, this place shall be a grave for both of you! Hahhhhh--!
ANGHEL: Watch out!!
ESTELLE: Anghel! You took the hit for me--!
CAIN: Ahahaha...! What a nice voice you cry out with! As your name suggests, are you going to keep protecting him until your breast is dyed crimson?
ANGHEL: Geehhhh... You who calls the stars... those without sin have no need to be harmed... *wheeze*... You must--go on ahead!
ESTELLE: No... There's so much blood! Hold fast! I can't bear you dying for my sake!

NAGEKI: This is... me, right?
ANGHEL: That's right!! This mourning dove is the astrologist who opens the Dimensional Door!
NAGEKI: Why are you the only one who gets to be cool? It doesn't really make sense for me to be saved by you.
ANGHEL: This is destiny!! And then, the Caller in possession of the Celestial Globe, they made their way towards the ancient ruins.

SEERE: You have done well to come here, Fallen Angel, Anghel. The safety of the Caller is also of utmost importance. To deal with that man... the Nightmare Fantail, you must be steadily improving in skill.
ANGHEL: I once... sacrificed someone precious...! At this level... I still cannot erase my sin... but this is to restore my dishonor!
ESTELLE: This Celestial Globe... should be the final key!
SEERE: Mm. With this, all the necessary tools of magic have been gathered. Now, the time has come to release the power of the ruins! O Eternal Lapis Lazuli hidden within the Dimensional Gap! Answer to Heaven's call! Materibilize before us!

NAGEKI: Materibilize...? What's this? A misspelling? The lines are all shaky. Were you falling asleep?
ANGHEL: Keh! That's right! This is my sin! My mistake!! Gwaaaaah!!
NAGEKI: Shirogane-kun's pampering you too, in the conversation. Is this some kind of wish fulfillment for you?
ANGHEL: S… Such a superficial spirit could not perpetuate an epic!
NAGEKI: I guess. But this Shirogane-kun seems to go unnaturally easy on you. ...Also, this line about "restoring dishonor" is weird. That would just mean being dishonored again.
ANGHEL: Wahhhh!
NAGEKI: I think the other pages had some dubious language too. Higure-kun, when you draw manga, maybe you should use a dictionary? ...Even under normal circumstances you keep using complicated kanji.
ANGHEL: To think such a trick existed...! Yes, I shall carry the Book of the Wise Men, and let the quest unravel ever closer to the truth!
NAGEKI: I'll read it again if you bring me another one. I mean, I have more than enough time.
ANGHEL: I am in your debt! These red wings guided by the stars have at last--overcome their trials without--in the name of--Ah, Mom? Mm. Mm. Eh? You forgot the chopsticks in my bento, really? Aaah, it's okay, it's okay, you don't have to bring them. I'll get some disposable ones. Mm. Thanks! --Mm, mmhmm mm mm. To delay any further on gathering the lost Mana would be fatal! Caller of the Phosphorescent Stars! I shall set out on a journey to seek the Bread of Life of the Noble Silver! Fareweeeeeell!!

NAGEKI: Heeeehhhh... so that's what Higure-kun's family is like.

1) Materibilize - This is obviously a misspelling of "materialize". In the original, Anghel wrote "ararure", which as far as I know doesn't mean anything, much like materibilize. But it sounds a lot like "araware" (appear/materialize/manifest), so I assumed that was the word he was going for.
2) Noble Silver - the word here used for silver is "shirogane"; idk if this title has been used already in Anghel Canon, but I couldn't find it on a cursory look. Still, it seemed jarring for Anghel to actually use Sakuya's real name at a time like this, so I translated it as silver instead.
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