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Hatoful Boyfriend drama CD vol. 2 (Summer Vacation) tracks 4-5

Two tracks this month! They are related, so I thought it appropriate.

Speaking of, there were instances here where I wasn't sure how to attribute the lines, so here is what I decided upon: if a name has a question mark by it ("RYOUTA?" for example) that means it is that character's voice actor speaking, but somehow the words they are saying and the pronouns they are using are highly uncharacteristic...

Track 1
Track 2
Track 3


RYOUTA: Aaah, I'm in big trouble! I forgot my homework at home! Now, can I make it back to school in time for first period if I hurry?! All riiiiiight! Make it! Make it!
SAKUYA: Is that... Kawara? Oi, Kawara! Do not fly recklessly on campus; it's dangerous! Not to mention against the school rules!
RYOUTA: S... Sakuya! Wai--if you just keep standing there I'm going to crash into yoaaaaahhhh!!

RYOUTA?: Nnnyeh... Oi Kawara! What are you trying to do?!
SAKUYA?: Sorry Sakuya, are you okay? I'll apologize to you properly again later!

RYOUTA?: Naah, aahhhh, somehow we made it. Good morning, everybirdie.
SAKUYA?: Mmm, I've finally made it back. Ah, sorry for earlier, Sakuya; I left my homework behind at the house. So I hurried home and...
OKOSAN: Coo coo coooooo! (Wait just a minute. Something is strange!)
RYOUTA?: Aahh, honestly. Neglecting to verify the contents of his satchel before school--something's wrong with this foolish commoner!
SAKUYA?: Nnn... I'll be careful...
OKOSAN: Coo coo coo! (That's not it! It is not something so insignificant! Ryouta is like Sakuya and Sakuya is like Ryouta!)
RYOUTA?: You're saying I'm like a rock dove?! Are you insulting me?!
SAKUYA?: He's right, San. I'm not beautifully white like Sakuya... so... Aahhhh! White!! My feathers are white!
RYOUTA?: Don't be stupid! There's no way a rock dove would be--waaaaahhh...! Wh... Why am I there standing before my eyes?! And my own body is shabby and ashen!!
SAKUYA?: Wh... What should we do, Sakuya? I'm you...
RYOUTA?: And I'm... you?!
OKOSAN: Coo coo coo! (Swapped insides! What a dilemma! Consult with a teacher!)

NANAKI: Oh noooooo, trouble first thing in the morning, huh?
RYOUTA?: Honestly! Being in this half-breed's cramped body makes me shudder to the core!
SAKUYA?: Sakuya, when the person in question is right here, could you ease up a little on disrespecting them body and soul...?
RYOUTA?: The cause is clear enough. Something strange happened when he crashed into me. No other event comes to mind.
SAKUYA?: I'm meditating on this. Sorry, Sakuya.
RYOUTA?: I've never heard of anything like souls interchanging upon collision! Is this commonplace in Japan?
NANAKI: That's riiight. Japanese boys and girls going through puberty talk about it a lot.
SAKUYA?: Is... Is that true?!
NANAKI: Mm, mm. You crash into each other through some sort of gesture, fall down the stairs, and your insides exchange. In layman's terms, it's called the Onomichi phenomenon. Ah, it was also quite popular when I was a child.
RYOUTA?: Bodyswitching among middle or high school students is fashionable? Certainly a mystery of the Orient.
SAKUYA?: Sensei, what should we do about this? Is there a way to fix it?
NANAKI: It's easy! If you go through the same sort of shock one more time, it should be okay.
RYOUTA?: So you're saying I should use Kawara's body to crash into him with all my strength...? I don't wish to damage my own body, but... it would be better than staying like this.
SAKUYA?: I'm really sorry, Sakuya. I'll try my best to take it as skillfully as I possibly can. All right, let's try it on the field.

SAKUYA?: Ummm, I crashed into you around here, I think...? All right Sakuya, let's start!
RYOUTA?: Aah, I'll have you return those pure white wings of mine! Go!
BOTH: Uwaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!

RYOUTA: Hah... hah... How was it? ...Are we back to normal?
SAKUYA: Hah... haaah... So... it seems. Honestly, I'll pass on ever withstanding this humiliation a second time!
RYOUTA: Mm, from now on, I'll make sure to check my bag the night before! --Ah, first period is starting!
SAKUYA: Geh, let us hurry back! I will not tarnish my perfect attendance record!

ANGHEL: Pooooooooh! To think that I would be attacked by the Sacred Beast Somnamagna, who rules over impenetrable false dreams! The Time of Judgment draws near! I must run like the wind! Pooooohohohooohoooh!
SAKUYA: ...Is that... Higure Anghel?
RYOUTA: Wai... Hold on, Anghel!! Look where you're going! You're going to crash intooouwaaaaahhhhhhhh!!
ANGHEL: Waaaaaaaaaah!

RYOUTA?: Hah! Textoris Melodia Funeris! Awaken! If you do not hurry, you will also face the great Judgment, ahahaha!
ANGHEL?: Nnn... There's a stylish blood-red mark on my chest...
SAKUYA: Wake up, Kawara. Come on and crash into him again.
ANGHEL?: Enough alreadyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!


RYOUTA: San! Don't run around so much in the library!
OKOSAN: Coo coo coo! (Do not stop Okosan! Today the mood calls for training at full strength!)
RYOUTA: Nothing says you have to do it somewhere as cramped as this... --Look out! You're going to crash into Nageki!
OKOSAN: Coooooooo!!

RYOUTA: You can even crash into a ghost... Hey Nageki, are you all right?
NAGEKI?: Coo coo cooooo!
RYOUTA: The Onomichi phenomenon!! So that means, inside San right now--
OKOSAN: Coo coo coooo!
RYOUTA: This one's San too!!

ANGHEL: Could that be the Sacred Beast, Great Pigeon?! It is not yet the time for you to become the Gale. When it is time for your own battle, your power--
OKOSAN: Coo! (Do not stop Okosan!)
ANGHEL?: Guihyaaahyaahhh! ...Coo coo coo.
RYOUTA: Even Anghel became San!
OKOSAN: Coo coo coooooo! (Lap around the school: go!)
NAGEKI?: Cooooo.
ANGHEL?: Cooooo.
RYOUTA: Wait a minute, you three, why can even Nageki leave the library?! I don't get it!

SAKUYA: The birdwatching club received an award, did it? Perhaps I ought to reevaluate its official budget.
OKOSAN: Coo cooooo!
SAKUYA?: Guhaaah! ...Coo coo coo!

NANAKI: Ah... When it's hot like this, I start to get sleepyyyy... Ohhhohhhh... I wonder if I should go take a nap in the infirmary...
OKOSAN: Coo coo coo!
NANAKI?: Hwaaaaaahhh! ...Coo coo coooooo.

YUUYA: My, what refreshing weather! It's days like this I'd like to spend at an open-air café with a lovely lady.
OKOSAN: Coooooo!
YUUYA?: Uwaaahhgahaah! ...Coo coo coooo.

RYOUTA: Th... This is bad! At this rate, the whole school is going to become San! At a time like this, I can only rely on Iwamine-sensei, St. Pigeonation's Academy's trump card! He can probably make some amazing medicine that will solve everything!--Iwamine-sensei, please save us! Everybirdie's become infected by the wild savage!
SHUU?: Coo coo coooo!
RYOUTA: Aaaahhhh, Senseiiiiii! Pull yourself together, Sensei! What are we going to do if even you become San?! I'm all alone in the world.
OKOSAN: Coo coo coo! (Today, Okosan is in perfect form! Nobirdie can stop him!)
RYOUTA?: Sa... San? Look ouwwaaaaaah! ...Coo coo cooooooooooooooooo.

Translator's Notes
1. I'm You - And You're Me? - in case you were wondering, the pronouns in this title make it clear that the first part is spoken by Ryouta (using "boku" for himself and "kimi" for Sakuya) and the second part is spoken by Sakuya (using "kisama" for Ryouta and "watashi" for himself).
2. Onomichi phenomenon - this is referring to a body-switching movie by Obayashi Nobuhiko, briefly summarized here.
3. you three - as you may know, in Japanese the number 3 is pronounced "san", so this line probably has a double meaning of "you three" and "you Sans".