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Hatoful Boyfriend Drama CD vol. 2 (Summer Vacation) track 3

This is a very short track, but this was a busy month, so in the end I didn't get around to doing any more than this. Maybe next month I will post two tracks at once!

This particular track takes place in one of the Holiday Star AUs--namely, the one used in the shrine visit episodes, where Nageki is in the same grade as the main cast, with all that entails. So there might be mild spoilers if you haven't finished BBL or Holiday Star.

Track 1
Track 2


NAGEKI: Good morning, Hitori.
HITORI: Good morning, Nageki. You're sure up early. Shouldn't you at least take it easy on a Sunday?
NAGEKI: I'm going out. ...Did I not tell you yesterday?
HITORI: ...G... Going out?!
NAGEKI: It's a little far away. So I got up earlier than usual.
HITORI: Nageki heading out on his own! What a rare occurrence. ...I-It surprised me. ...Ah, where are you going?
NAGEKI: Shrike's Prey Nature Park.
HITORI: Don't you have to transfer trains twice?!
NAGEKI: That's right.
HITORI: Will you be okay by yourself?
NAGEKI: I'm not a kid anymore. And Kawara-kun and the others are coming too.
HITORI: But I'm worried... Your body isn't that strong. Will you let me check and see if you're prepared perfectly?
NAGEKI: I don't... mind.
HITORI: Handkerchief?
NAGEKI: Got it.
HITORI: Tissues?
NAGEKI: Got it.
HITORI: Your usual medicine?
NAGEKI: Got it.
HITORI: Newspaper?
NAGEKI: Newspaper...?
HITORI: You can use it as a sail if you get shipwrecked.
NAGEKI: It's not the kind of place where I'll get shipwrecked.
HITORI: Should I come with you?
NAGEKI: No thanks.
HITORI: Nn, food?
NAGEKI: Kawara-kun said he'd have lunch ready for everybirdie.
HITORI: Caramel?
NAGEKI: I don't need candy.
HITORI: But if you're shipwrecked then caramel--
NAGEKI: I won't get shipwrecked.
HITORI: Will you be all right dressed so lightly? You don't have any clothes on.
NAGEKI: Nobirdie wears clothes.
HITORI: Should I come with you?
NAGEKI: No thanks.
HITORI: It's no use... If you're going outside on your own, then I feel uneasy thinking about if something will happen to you, Nageki.
NAGEKI: You worry too much, Hitori. Just learn to let go already.
HITORI: Then, will you at least call me while you're away?
NAGEKI: I can do that.
HITORI: How about once every ten minutes?
NAGEKI: Not that much.
HITORI: Nageki, you're at that rebellious age...
NAGEKI: I'll call you once at lunch. Then, if I remember, when I come home.
HITORI: If you have any problems, tell me right away. I'll come running right away.
NAGEKI: I get it.
RYOUTA: Nageki! I'm here!
NAGEKI: Mm. I'm coming.

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