kyaaa: March Hare, Are You Alice? (buubuu)
some loser ([personal profile] kyaaa) wrote2012-07-13 09:15 pm


I can't believe my last post in this journal was in April wargh. I don't know if anyone checks it, but I thought I would drop in a note.

Just in case you were wondering, I haven't totally forgotten about all of the projects I've been hosting here! Life has been relentless in lots of little different ways that have added up into... months, apparently. I would like to start picking everything back up, but there's absolutely no way I can get caught up in everything in a timely manner. Hopefully, I can slowly and steadily slog through the backlog of scans and translations, and I'll try to alternate so I don't get too behind in any one thing.

These are all voluntary projects, but I really do enjoy doing them, so... stay tuned?! I might not have something up right away, but I'm not dead forever.

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